I'm Roelof Jan and I build things


My previous work is displayed in this section. Hover over the images to get a summary of what the project was about...

What I do

Web development

Through several projects I have worked with single page applications and PHP frameworks. This means that I will be able to create a web app that's both fast and will index well in Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other services.

Web design

Coming from a bootstrap background, I know how to use grids. But with recent projects I have learned to go beyond Bootstrap and actually use Flexbox, CSS grid and such. This means I'll be able to not only make your website work, I'll also be able to make it looks good and appeal to your visitors.

System Development

System development is a whole different game than web apps. This comes down to actually making business process work more efficiently and hopefully more transparent. I enjoy working with data and using it to make predictions or to acomplish goals that may not have been a priority from the start.

About me


Currently I'm working as a web app developer at Tubbber, a start up to put a modern spin to the traditional boat rental market in the world.

My education was spend as a fulltime student at Hanze Hogeschool Groningen / University of Applied Science Groningen. I majored in Web & Mobile Services, which is part of the Communications and Media department of the University. My bachelor's thesis was completed on the usage of Big data to influence people to trigger a behavioral change.

I've spent one year in the United States of America between my last year of high school in the Netherlands and my first year of University. I went there to learn to speak English, experience another culture, and improve my mathematical skills (all of which have been accomplished).

At the beginning of my third year at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen I went abroad for a minor and an internship. I spent my first semester at Hope College in Holland, MI, USA. I attended classes relating to communications, leadership, and computer science. I think this benefitted my future career within the web development work field. 
In the second semester of my third year I did a programming internship at SPIN Internet Media in Willemstad, Curacao.


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