Hello, I'm Roelof Jan.
Full-stack web developer
& Scrum master

I love building products people can't wait to interact with.
I get my motivation from building for and with actual users,
finding their likes and dislikes, and constantly improving.
I can help you with developing web applications.


Recent projects


Plant care for beginners

With Plant care for beginners I'm sharing my experiences about caring for plants. I want to help to educate others about keeping their plants healthy and how to help them thrive.

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PunchlistHero aims to save contractors, closers, home managers, and trades time they can spend on things they enjoy. It does this by automating administrative tasks and making it simple to record issues and share them with trades.

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Do you want to know more about my skills?

I've put together a list of technologies I'm comfortable with using in production projects and also a list of techniques I'm very interested in learning more about. You can read more about my skills by reading about "My tech stack" or having a look at my CV.

Recent blog posts

Portfolio updates for September 2019

Posted on: October 9th, 2019

Struggling with micro-optimizations on large scale data processing

Posted on: October 2nd, 2019
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Open source contributions

roelofjan-elsinga / flat-file-cms-publish

This is a self publishing module for Flat File CMS.

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roelofjan-elsinga / flat-file-cms-gui

This package includes the latest version of the Flat File CMS, Authentication, User creation, Media management and the ability to manage the data used by the Flat File CMS package in a clear and visual web environment.

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roelofjan-elsinga / flat-file-cms

This package contains a drop-in CMS that uses files to store its contents.

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A Luke request handler to Solarium. This package currently supports Solarium 5.x.

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Are you wondering how I built this website?

Have a look at "The techniques I used to build this website" and I'll explain exactly what I've used to put this website together.

Let's work together

Connect with me through e-mail or social media to work with me.

Email address roelofjanelsinga@gmail.com

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