I'm Roelof and this is what I do.


My previous work is displayed in this section. Hover over the images to get a summary of what the project was about...


Within web development there are several different aspects to the field, here are the ones I can help you out with.

Web development

Besides application development, I also can also create websites that are easy to use for you as a website owner and not just for the visitors.

Web design

Using Twitter Bootstrap 3 I can make responsive web designs that will fit your desktop as well as your mobile needs.

System Development

Web application development is my favorite kind of development. I can create web systems and applications for all your different needs and requirements.

About me

I'm Roelof Jan Elsinga (Roelof in short) and I'm a 21 year old student from the Netherlands. While studying in the Netherlands is fun, I spend more time abroad to study and for an internship. I have studied in the United States and I'm currently doing an internship in Curacao. These experiences have taught me a lot more than practical skills. They've taught me how to work better with other people, especially people from other cultures. Learning about other cultures is a thing I really enjoy doing, because it helps me to better understand the world we live in. Besides learning about other cultures, I love to work on web development projects such as this website. I enjoy making web systems, such as home improvement systems or registration systems of any sort. They really challenge me to find the most efficient way of creating web systems. I also really enjoy creating little web applications that are put to good use every once in a while, such as a lap counter for if you're running on a track. I hope you enjoy my work just as much as I do!


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