My previous projects

I've worked on several (public) projects before. These are the ones I can show you. If you click on any of them, you can see what I've used to build them, and you'll find a link to see the projects for yourself.


Plant care for beginners

With Plant care for beginners I'm sharing my experiences about caring for plants. I want to help to educate others about keeping their plants healthy and how to help them thrive.

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PunchlistHero aims to save contractors, closers, home managers, and trades time they can spend on things they enjoy. It does this by automating administrative tasks and making it simple to record issues and share them with trades.

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Ankrd is a social media platform for colleges. It aims to be a central point where colleges can post events and discuss topics. Every school has its own posts and members. This was the first application that I created using the new version of Angular.

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Ankrd Media

Ankrd media is a small company that owns a few products, like Ankrd. It's aimed to managed the different outlets of the Ankrd platform. I made this static website as a way to show what the company does.

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Science of any kind is a subject I love to talk about. So I was thrilled when I was asked to build a website for Tracerlab and contribute to science in one way or another. If I can't do it through academic research, I'll do it through building a website for a great project.

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VV Aduard 2000

I made a website for my old football club with the PHP Framework Laravel. This website is fully responsive and has an extensive admin dashboard.

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Abdijloop Aduard

I created a WordPress website for Abdijloop Aduard to inform people about the race.

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My contribution to NKRV was not a complete website, but rather a WordPress Theme.

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HSV De Hondenvrienden

This is a project that I worked on with three other people. We were challenged to create a website using the Drupal CMS, and this is the result.

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